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Cosmetic Procedures

Cosmetic procedures are designed to alter the patient’s appearance and improve self-image. At Cookeville Plastic Surgery Center, Dr. Guillory offers a full range of cosmetic procedures, from simple Botox injections to more involved breast and body procedures. Consultations and some small procedures are performed in the soothing atmosphere of Dr. Guillory’s Cookeville office.

More involved procedures take place just down the street at The Cookeville Surgery Center. Dr. Guillory and a caring, professional staff will guide you through every step of the process, from selecting the procedure that best suits your needs to managing the final details on the day of the operation. With 12 years of successful surgery in the Upper Cumberland region, Dr. Guillory is well prepared to make your cosmetic surgery a safe, comfortable and beneficial experience.

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Breast Procedures

Breast Enlargement
One of the most popular cosmetic operations is the breast enlargement surgery. Using safe, modern techniques, Cookeville Plastic Surgery Center offers the option of saline or gel implants, either of which can be beneficial depending on the patient’s circumstance or desired result. Operations are carried out in a friendly, discreet manner, starting with a consultation and finishing with the procedure, which is generally done at The Cookeville Surgery Center.

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Breast Lift
Breasts can lose their shape with age or following pregnancy. A mastoplexy, or breast lift, can help restore breasts to their original shape. The procedure is designed to restore shape and firmness of the breasts. Like the breast enlargement procedure, breast lifts begin with a consultation in the Cookeville Plastic Surgery Center office and finish with an operation at The Cookeville Surgery Center.

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Breast Reduction
Breast reduction, or mammaplasty, is a popular procedure for women whose large, heavy breasts impact their breathing or cause back and shoulder pain or other irritation. It is often a solution for women whose physical activity is impeded by overly large breasts. The operation involves removal of excess breast fat, tissue and skin, and will leave the breasts smaller and firmer. Patients tend to report fast, considerable relief following the reduction. At Cookeville Plastic Surgery Center, operations begin with a detailed consultation.

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Facial Procedures

Several facial treatments are available, including Botox injections, soft tissue fillers such as Restylane, and a number of specialized procedures to give the face a younger, more vibrant appearance. Cookeville Plastic Surgery Center offers a full range of facial procedures, including facelifts and eyelid procedures. Dr. Guillory will walk you through your options, designing a plan that best suits your needs and desires.

Body Procedures

Sometimes diet and exercise just aren’t enough to produce the body shape you want following pregnancy or weight gain. Tummy tucks and liposuction are options for those looking for some extra help achieving a desired body contour. The tummy tuck, also called an abdominoplasty, can be an aid in creating a slimmer body profile. Liposuction involves removing excess fat cells from various areas of the body. Both procedures can be effective in helping patients achieve a desired body shape.

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